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Comprehensive couples and family therapy

Even the happiest couples and families require assistance with life issues. Whether you're dealing with the fallout of a divorce, an unsettling family conflict, or a major life transition, the professionals at Dr. Elaine Lovelace & Associates are ready to lend a helping hand.


Divorce can completely tear a family apart, This is an especially tough area for children to overcome, since some may be far too young to understand exactly what's happening. Contact us today for more information regarding our divorce counseling options.

If your child is having a hard time adjusting to the demands of school, your teenager is stressed about attending college, or you are having a great deal of anxiety about your new job, our talented professionals are ready to help. Contact us today with your concerns.

Have you been dealing with a sensitive family issue that has been causing a great deal of stress and unrest between your loved ones? The friendly medical professionals at Dr. Elaine Lovelace & Associates will help you to solve the issue in a peaceful and loving manner.


Overcome a divorce

Solve family conflict

Discuss life transitions


Assisting with issues

related to parenting,

stress, moral development, and more.

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